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Coventry is a city that is located in the West Midlands, England. Generally a portion of Warwickshire, Coventry is the ninth biggest city in England and the twelfth biggest in the United Kingdom. It is also the second largest city in the West Midlands, after Birmingham. Coventry Cathedral was worked after the pulverization of the fourteenth century basilica church of Saint Michael by the German Luftwaffein. The motor companies of Coventry have contributed fundamentally to the British industry. The city consists of two great universities, Coventry University in the downtown area and the University of Warwick on the southern edges.  It is also an ideal place to get a country side view and enjoy the different places it offers for tourists.



Talking about population, in order to check out the population of Coventry in 2017, we need to have a look at the population of the past 5 years. They are as per the following:

  1. 2012 –289,300
  2. 2013 –293,900
  3. 2014 –295,000
  4. 2015 –299,310
  5. 2016 – 303,454

Taking a look at the population of Coventry from the year 2012-16, it has been noticed that there has been an increase of 14,154 in the past 5 years. Therefore, it has been seen that every year the population increases by 2830. Hence, the population of Coventry in 2017 is forecasted to be 303,454 + 2830 = 306,284.. So, the population of Belfast in the year 2017 as per estimated data = 306,284.

Belfast Population 2017 – 306,284(Estimated)


The city consists of an ethnic minority population, comprising of 33.4% of the population as per the 2011 statistics. Islam is the next followed non-Christian religion; however the composition of the population is not run of the mill of the UK with imperative amounts of other South Asians. Sikh and Hindu religions are represented higher as compared to that of West Midlands. 66.6% recognize as White British, in comparison to 79.2% in the West Midlands Region. 33.4% recognize as non-White British, compared with 20.2% in England.


Population density of Coventry is 8,050 persons per square kilometer the city has grown up by 2.31% in population growth as per latest reports. It is the fastest developing spot outside London, new figures positively uncover that.

A rise in the quantity of nationals settling in the city from abroad is pushing the city’s population upwards. The estimations put Coventry seventh in an affiliation table of speediest developing spots in the UK. Latest figures acquired exhibit that around 2012 and 2013, the city’s population had grown by 2.07%, or 6,678 more people. More than 7,000 people from abroad made Coventry their home in 2013, while only 1,967 people left the city. This shows a 75% increase.


  1. The main tank, the principal traffic pointers for cars and also the primary dumper truck were made in Coventry. The first motorized funeral was held in Coventry.
  2. The Coventry Carol from a sixteenth century Play was as of late voted the nation’s seventh most well known song.
  3. William Shakespeare was said to have abandoned a Coventry lady on the eve of their wedding to wed Anne Hathaway.
  4. It is known that Paul McCartney was ceased for speeding on Fletchamstead Highway on July 22, 1968. The singer was driving an Aston Martin and did not show up in court but rather was fined £15.
  5. The city has three twin towns in the USA. All of them are named after it and all established by Coventry weavers escaping destitution and starvation in the nineteenth century.

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